How does it work?

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Each event centres around a creative theme with weeks of research going into creating dishes and styling the dinners. We never repeat the same theme. It’s for one night only. As our dinners are in real homes, there are no more than 20 seats available, so we usually sell out in literally minutes.

Like other secret supper clubs and underground restaurants in London, Buenos Aires or Berlin, we like to keep an element of secrecy to surprise our guests. We reveal the home location the day before and only on the day of the event do our guests have the chance to see the tasting menu and meet the other guests.

Unlike other supper clubs we pop-up in different home locations – warehouse apartments, heritage listed homes, city penthouse apartment, tiny flats etc.

We are excited to announce our first dinner in Singapore will be held in May. Our inaugural theme ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ is inspired by the tropical South East Asian Jungle.