Love your Home


The theme for our Melbourne event was inspired by my Mum and Dad's new backyard 'pets'...their 6 egg laying chickens. Every morning we would collect fresh eggs from the cubby house and have poached eggs, ripe dark plums and apples from their fruit trees...can't get fresher than that!!

It got me thinking about the great produce that we have in our own backyards ...and wouldn't it be great to have a secret supper where we collaborated and sourced ingredients from our own, our families, our friends and neighbours backyard...and so LOVE YOUR HOME secret supper idea was born - from backyard to plate!

We partnered up with Vanessa and Matt from Rooftop Honey, who by the way are some of the friendliest, passionate and down to earth people I ever have met. They personally look after over 100 bee hives all over Melbourne with the vision to protect bee colonies and the vital role they play in our ecosystem. Lucky for us those lovely bees also produce some delicious fact each bee hive has it's own unique flavour profile...perfect for pairing with different dishes (more on this later). Big thank you to Rooftop Honey who were very generous in donating lots of honey for us to cook with and for guests to taste. Happy to say we donated our profits from LOVE YOUR HOME to the Rooftop Honey bees!

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