Lost in Jerusalem

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Lost in Jerusalem was our second pop-up secret supper dinner event in my home town Melbourne and it was simply a feast all the senses. Big thanks to our talented photographer friend Sutejo Tan for taking these beautiful shots. 

We chose the theme 'Lost In Jerusalem' as it is such a unique ancient city and melting pot of cultures, flavours, colours, smells and sights. Chef Vitti and I are also somewhat obsessed by Jerusalem born chef Yotam Ottolenghi whose food is delightful. It's worth saying have no religious or political agenda and feel very sad about the current Gaza Hamas conflict for both Palestinians and Israeli's. 

Our menu was epic...Cocktails, canapés, selection of 8 mezze inspired from the 4 quarters of Old Jerusalem: Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian. 6 shared main platters. Finished off with an orgasmic dessert we called 'Land of Milk and Honey'. 5 Paired wines from our generous and lovely sponsor Jack from The Table Tasting Wine Shop and Kwencher Premium Ale. 

The secret home location for the secret supper dinner was the modern apartment of Ahmad and Jen in South Yarra. Ahmad's had heard about our previous event and generously offered to host. He is Palestinian and his father was born in Jerusalem which was perfect as he offered to cook a few authentic Palestinian family dishes!

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